Fall 2007

Would a million dollars be enough of an incentive to
motivate you to reduce CO2 emissions?

According to their most recent energy audit Carmel Partners has increased their bottom line by more than one million dollars ($1,073,867 to be exact) and drastically reduced their energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions. And, they did it by simply controlling the efficiency of their heating boilers and domestic hot water systems.

Carmel Partners had us install 109 ProTemp controls at 12 properties with central heating boilers.  Their ten year savings analysis (attached) showed a savings, after all equipment and installation cost, of $1,073,867.00 That’s an average savings of over $107,000.00 per year and a return on investment of 56% in the first year alone.

We are Triad Companies of Colorado serving the commercial and residential energy management needs of Colorado for over 20 years as a licensed Trane Comfort Specialist, Rinnai hot water dealer and ProTemp Specialist.  We are the exclusive dealer for ProTemp controllers in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming and have installed over 500 controllers on heating boilers, domestic hot water systems, steam boilers and low pressure city steam heat exchangers

We provide ProTemp controllers for any application relating to hot water/steam heating and domestic hot water use and have installed them on properties as small as 6 units to properties well in excess of 500 units.  Our expertise is in the technical knowledge and experience required to analyze your individual property requirements and provide you with a functional solution that includes the proper controller necessary to cut your energy consumption and save you money.

We are so confident in our expertise that we will provide a complete property site survey, current system assessment, and energy saving analysis for FREE.  Typically this time of year we can schedule a site survey within a week’s time and installations within a two to three week window.  That time frame changes dramatically the closer we get to January - so please call us TODAY at 303-788-1316

Triad Companies of Colorado is proud to be a partner in Carmel Partners’ ongoing commitment to preserving our environment and we applaud their financial success in doing so.  We look forward to meeting your requirements to do the same.    

Carmel Partners - ProTemp Savings Recap (10 years)

Property Name Years on Line Cost Savings
After Cost
Willows Lake Shore 9 $ 44,000 $ 272,755
Tiffiny's 10 3,495 9,345
Torrey Pines 9 25,425 96,745
The Towns 9 6,780 43,974
St. Tropaiz 9 10,170 74,844
Spyglass 10 38,445 167,619
PeachTree 9 16,950 73,490
PeachTree Too 9 16,950 87,606
Seven Oaks 9 13,560 55,375
Cherry Point 11 3,495 42,394
Lancelot Apts 10 6,990 59,724
Cypress Point 9 25,425 89,996
Total Number of ProTemp Controllers:  109 Totals:   $  211,685 $ 1,073,867
Return on investment 56% the first year Payback less than 2 years

Carmel’s outstanding maintenance staff keeps close tabs on their boilers and related pumps, piping, valves, controls, etc. They also use the controllers to monitor performance and savings on their systems.  Carmel’s staff is so proficient they do not use any of our annual maintenance/service programs. What’s most remarkable is the reliability the ProTemp provided over the 10 year period.

Reliability and Savings 24/7

In 1998 First Pacific Investments contacted us to install one ProTemp at Rockborough Apartments. The boiler in building B-6 had the highest gas cost and it was chosen to demonstrate savings. After six months we had showed a savings of $1,218 based on the price of natural gas at that time of $0.44 per Therm.  The cost of the controller and installation at that time was $2,195 which provided a payback in less than a one year. Management positions changed and First Pacific never responded to our calls.

In 2005 the Bascom Group in California contacted us to do an energy audit for Highline Terrace (formerly Rockborough Apts.). In building B-6 we inspected the wiring, relays and operational functions of the ProTemp.  It had not been maintained or serviced in 7 years and was still working perfectly.

We analyzed the gas bills to assess savings and discovered another boiler in building B-8 that was rated at 3.5 MBTU’s the same as building B-6 and it provided heat for the same number of units.  The gas bills for the year showed $26,679 for building B-6 and $32,762 for building B-8 a difference of $6,083.  The only difference - building B-6 had a ProTemp.  Gas cost (2005) was $0.90 per Therm.  A rough estimate for the 7 years savings for the building B-6 boiler system was $25,000

We can’t guarantee you a $25,000 return on a $2,195 investment but we will complete a FREE  property site survey, current system assessment, and energy audit to show you your options. If increasing your bottom line and reducing C02 emissions is important to you - All you have to do is call to schedule your site survey and provide 12 months of natural gas bills for the prior year.

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