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       Triad has been a ProTemp dealer for the State of Colorado since 1992. We have over 400 commercial boiler and chilled water systems currently being controlled by ProTemp controllers - saving our clients thousands of dollars in wasted energy costs. We look forward to meeting new business associates for networking and becoming part of our satisfied customer list. Our commitment to you is to continually reduce your energy consumption while meeting the needs of your guests and tenants.

The Most Versatile product on the market today!

       ProTemp controls are intelligent user-friendly energy management systems that reduce gas and electrical costs while producing demand-side efficiency. They are used on all types of water systems such as hydronic, steam and domestic hot water. With the use of direct digital computer technology ProTemp controls successfully reduce gas and electrical consumption yet still meet demands for heat, cooling and hot water.

       The ProTemp models we propose for any given property are designed to give a 2-year or less payback. However we have seen paybacks as quick as 8 months. Some of the larger property managers and owners with multiple properties have not only had a 12 - 16 month payback but continue to recoup thousands of dollars year after year with ProTemp installations on their heating and hot water systems.

Hydronic Heat Controller
PRO-TEMP's patented technology offers unparalleled efficiency and savings for hydronic and steam space heating systems (illustrated above). By monitoring indoor, outdoor and structural temperature values, PRO-TEMP instructs the boiler when to fire. Mre precise boiler controlling means greater efficiency, improved preformance and significant savings.

This controller features a fully programmable outdoor reset curve which adjusts hydronic loop temperature to maintain comfortable room temperatures. In addition a time clock schedule supports "morning boost" and "night setback" to enhance comfort and increase savings.
In a basic configuration the controller monitors outside temperatures then adjusts supply temperature by controlling a boiler. Output control is provided for a recirculation pump and up to (11) stages of heat. Temperature inputs are designed for supply, outside, return and up to (12) room locations.

Domestic Hot Water Controller


PRO-TEMP controllers save energy by
closely matching water to demand as
it varies throughout the day. The difference between the old, constant temperature and PRO-TEMPS's fluctuating temperature (see shaded area) reflects a substantial reduction in
energy use. Unlike mechanical timers, PRO-TEMP will override established supply patterns in the event of unexpected high demand.

This controller schedules water temperatures in anticipation of demand for hot water. It does this automatically by recording a seven day profile of demand, then it uses this information to establish a set point. The controller continually adjusts this setpoint to meet demand, always maintaining the lowest temperature which will fully meet user needs. This operation dramatically lessens costly heat loss, lime deposits and increases the life of the system.

Output control is provided for up to 12 stages of heat. Temperature inputs are designed for "supply",
"recovery" and "return" locations. A built in time clock schedule is also available for special requirements, such as laundry.

Steam Heat Controller

This controller features a fully programmable outdoor reset curve which adjusts steam cycling to maintain comfortable room temperatures. In addition a time clock schedule supports "morning boost" and "night setback" to enhance comfort and increase savings. In a basic configuration, the controller monitors outside temperature and condensate return temperature. A relay output is used for on/off control of the boiler.

Depending on the ProTemp model, other features include temperature monitoring, savings analysis, data logging, remote communication by modem, fax/pager alarms, automatic fax, graphics, security access and more.

Savings Analysis

A savings analysis feature is employed in all ProTemp controllers. The controller does a 24 hour savings test (typically every 14 days) which compares the baseline run mode (old temperature setting) to the ProTemp run mode (modulating temperatures) and documents reduced run time of the boiler or chiller for that period. A percentage of savings is displayed on the screen such as 35% (typical for ProTemp controlled systems). This gives the owner assurances their system is working.

In addition Triad also does a wrap-up savings analysis at no extra charge based on a comparison of the prior year's bills to the current year that the ProTemp was installed. We use a formula that employs heating degree days provided by the National Weather Service which gives integrity to the analysis.

Here is a recap of a property we installed ProTemp controls on in 1998:

This property had (4) ProTemp controllers installed on (2) Hydronic heating systems and (2) domestic hot water systems. The property has 278 units. Cost of installation was $14,250.

Another property consisted of (6) buildings with (16) units each. There were (6) Hydronic controllers installed in 1996 on six central heating boilers (with side-arm heat exchangers for domestic hot water). A recap in January of 1998 showed savings of $7,650 after 18 months in service. That of course was when the cost of gas was $0.35 per Therm. It is now (2001) triple that. The cost of installation for this property was $7,950.
The savings will vary depending on the application. ProTemp will work on any type of water (based) cooling and heating system. We see typically a 25-30% average savings on domestic hot water systems and 15-20% on hydronic heat systems.

Even on small properties 12-25 units per heating system installing ProTemp is a wise investment. Where else can you get a 100% return in 12-18 months. Why Pay Xcel Energy extra money when you can manage your own systems more efficiently?

What Some Say About Us

Carol Weaver, VP - Asher Investments
"I'm very satisfied with the savings, quality and dependability of ProTemp controllers. I have ProTemp installed in three states, Maryland, Virginia and Colorado. I'm extremely pleased with the service I've received from Triad Companies of Colorado"

Gary B. Hickman - Purch/Oper - Carmel Companies
" Since we installed ProTemp we have enjoyed a decrease in hot water service calls and lower utility bills. A very worthwhile investment"

Tony Haschke - Roving Maint. Supervisor - Carmel Companies

"I was skeptical of a boiler control that reset temperatures on outside air for boilers with sidearm heat exchangers. I didn't believe that the hot water would keep up with demand. ProTemp proved itself not only by saving gas usage, it also became a great troubleshooting tool to fine tune my hot water systems. I would recommend its usage on any boiler system. We currently have over 100 boilers on ProTemp. ProTemp pays for itself in a short period of time (usually less than one year) and then it is dollars in an owners' pocket from then on. Our gas bills have dropped drastically!"

Greg Gulley, President - Omni Properties

"We have used ProTemp controllers for several years now. They do indeed reduce gas costs. In fact several properties had a payback within one year. We've been pleased with their performance"

A Partial List of Our Clients

AIMCO, Carmel Companies, Omni Properties, Asher Investments, Urban Property Management Inc., M.V.P. Realtors, Simpson Group, Marriott, Best Western Boulder, Fenton Place LLC, and numerous small independent property owners.
We're proud of doing our part in helping reduce energy costs. We work with all types of people (owners, managers, maintenance engineers, service companies etc) that are concerned about rising energy costs. ProTemp diagnostics can point out trouble-spots in all water systems. We've helped owners resolve a lot of problem areas in their systems through our knowledge of their boilers and related equipment.
We don't just hang it on the wall and leave. We review all the functions of the PT controller with maintenance personnel and they receive manuals on the controller. If a modem is installed we will monitor the system for a small service fee.

We're always just a phone call away if any questions arise about our installation and service.

We hope you will choose Triad for all your hot water energy concerns and needs.


    •Tenant Comfort
    •Lowered Cost Per Unit
    •Extended Boiler Life
    •Reduced Gas Cost
    •1-2 Year Payback

    •On Site Training
    •Energy Audits
    •Problem Solving
    •Savings Analysis
    •Financing Available

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